House by House Directory of Coltman Street

Eagle Pub

The historical photograph shows the building in 1910 (then Bakers Market; a grocery store) decorated for King George 5th's coronation.

The History of 'The Eagle'
1851 Robert Robinson Eagle Tavern 12 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1855 Robert Robinson Eagle Tavern Anlaby Road
1858 R. Robinson Eagle 13 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1860 The licence was suspended for twelve months, possibly due to the rebuilding of the pub.
1861 R. Robinson Eagle Anlaby Road
1863 R. Eagle Tavern Anlaby Road
1867 Robt. Robinson Eagle Tavern 13 Albert Terrace
1872-3 Topham & Spink Eagle Vaults 138 Anlaby Road
1874 Mrs. E.H. Watson The Eagle 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1876 J. Scott Eagle Anlaby Road
1885 Thomas Simpson Eagle Wine & Spirit Stores 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1892 James Bell Eagle Vaults 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1895 James Bell Eagle 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1899 Mrs. Margaret Barnes Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1901 Mrs. M. Barnes Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1903 Mrs. Ada Staveley Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1904-7 Miss Martha Harrison* Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1909-16 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1921 Charles Petch** Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1929-39 Charles Petch** Eagle Hotel 283 Anlaby Road
1954 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1991 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
c. 1994-1999 Anlaby Ale House 2000 Name restored to The Eagle

2004 Present Landlord and Landlady Mick and Margaret * Possibly Miss Martha Morrison


No. 1

1867 Bores, John. Grease manufacturer (relation to Bores at 187?) (moved to 24 before 1872)
1872-1874 Askam, Mrs Mary A.(Kelly's) (moved to no. 14 before 1885)
1885 Horncastle, Wm. Edwd. (grocer); Whincup, William
1885 Robson, Fredk. (plumber & gasfitter) listed at 1 1/2
1892 Petch, John. Clerk
1899 Petch, James
1899 Robson, Frederick. Plumber & gasfitter
1910-1939 Hunter, Charles William
1920-1930 Hunter, Margaret Brydon
1930-1939 Hunter, Elsie Margaret
1953 converted by CE Pittaway and son to two flats


No. 2

1863-1867 Lyons, Captain John (possibly numbered 24 in 1863
1872 Beal, Mrs. Sarah M.
1874 Board, Mrs. M.A.
1885-1899 Atkinson, Mrs.
1892 Ladies School run by the Larder family, Mrs Mary Jane
?? Miss Emily and Miss Jane Larder - Ladies school (see also no. 12).
1910 Crompton, Ben
1920-1939 Gameson Family: Robert (clerk), Mary Ethel


No. 5

1863-1867 Haller, Samuel. Gentleman
1872-1874 Sleight, James. Merchant
1885-1899 Pearce, Thomas. Solicitor with the company Middlemiss and Pearce Deputy Registrar Births and deaths, Myton District.
1910 Jeff, George Arthur
1920-1939 Walker Family: William Sutton (butter merchant) & Chloe
1930-1939 Walker children: William Foot, Chloe (jun.)
2000/2001? 5 and 6 converted into Vale Guest House

No. 6

1864 Garrett, Richard
1867 Haller, George R. Shipowner
1872-1899 Shepherd, John George. (Paymaster in chief R.N.)
1910 Walker, William Sutton
1920 Ruspin, Richard Leonard & Lavinia (E.R.)
1930-1939 May Family: Joseph William (foreman), Beatrice May


No. 7

1867-1872 Cross: Misses Jane & Lydia H.
1874 Baynes, James. Analyst F.C.S.
1885 Burroughs, James
1892-1899 Baxter, Hermann Reimer. Corn merchant
1920-1930 Bell, Bramwell Parker. House agent.
1930 Bell: Mary Elizabeth & Robina Blanche


No. 8

1874 Wilcockson, Rev. Arthur
1885-1899 Pauling, Arthur. Shipping agent.Business premises 18 High street
1920 Dove Family: George Edward, Catherine Sarah, Sydney & Tracey
1930 Waterhouse, Fletcher
1930-1939 Waterhouse Family: Eliza, Cyril Fletcher, John Douglas & Marion


No. 9

1874-1885 Ross, Mrs. Ann (moved to 196 between 1885 and 1892?)
1885-1930 Ross, Miss Ann (related to Mrs Annie Ross at 196?)
1920-1930 Ross, Fanny Rowson
A neighbour (from Number eleven) remembers that the misses Ross were rather reclusive, One never went out. The other was "a bonny little woman, with pink cheeks and she always dressed in black. They used to throw rhubarb over the fence for us. But we wished they gave us it a bit sooner because it was rather big and old " – 1939 – Moore Family: Henry & Fanny; Hewick Family: Henry & ??


No. 10

1874 Barker, R.H.
1885 Walker, Mary
1892 Henderson (or Anderson), Henry Short
1899 Lindley, Mrs
1910 Skinner, John Henry
1920-1939 Morrison Family: John Arthur (marine Engineer) & Louisa


No. 11

1874- Foster, John W.
1885 Davis, Edwin Louis
1892 Coatsworth, William Edward. Shipping agent Office 5 Minerva Terrace
1899 Barker, John Charles
1920 Murphy: James Alexander & Florence
1929-1949 Robinson Family: George Thomas (motor engineer), Maude Sarah, May Foster & Maude (source - registers and memories of their daughter, Maude now -in 2002- aged 87.) Maude told us about her time at 111 where the family moved when Maude was 9. Maude remembers the great wooden doors between their house and the neighbours which served the three houses on each side until the bomb which hit Bean street "blew them to smithereens". (The mine dropped on Bean street the night of friday 14th/Saturday 15th March 1941 caused extensive damage. Casualties included 19 killed and 22 seriously injured)

She remembers the Street as rather well-to-do until after the war when the Council bought two houses (198 and 199 she thinks) and moved in some families whose children played in the street and threw tin cans "not like us". She thought perhaps they had been evicted from elsewhere. Maude (jun) left in 1947 but it appears her father continued to live here at least until the 1949 electoral roll.
1953 Alteration to flats by Wm Isaac ltd.


No. 12

1874 Hill, Miss S.
1885 Craven, Thomas
1892-1899 Hill, John. Shipping agent
1920-1939 Larder: Mrs Emily Alice , Wilfred Taun
1920-1930 Larder, Eva Florence
1920 Larder: Mary Jane & Eliza Gertrude
The Larder sisters ran a private school from this house attended by the children of wealthy local people (source, neighbours memories) It is likely that this is the younger generation of the Larder family who lived and ran a school at number 2 in the 1890s.
1930 Larder, Eva Florence


No. 13

1874-1899 Watson, Mr Henry
no mention in 1910
1920-1930 Brewster, Thomas
1920 Dalton, James John; Leckie, Lawrence
1930 Oxtoby, Edwin
1930-1939 Oxtoby, Gertrude Alice
1939 Miller, Ann Elizabeth; Jones, Gwyneth Rees


No. 14

Built 1862, developer – Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also had 15,16,17, 189 & 190 built
1863/4 Pyper, James. Most likely a different spelling of the James Piper below. -1867- Piper, James. Cashier
1872-1874 Thompson: Miss C. & Miss H.(Kelly's)
1885 Askham () or Askam), Mrs. Mary Ann. (moved from number 1 after 1874)
1892 Simpson, Mrs Maria (Bulmers 1892)
no mention in 1910
1920 Reves-Brown: Sholto & Amy
1930 Waring: Ernest James & Iza Helen
1930 Searle, Rev. Frank Clifford. Primitive Methodist
1939 Lancaster: Louis Howson & Olive; Hearson: Ernest & Clarise; Holt??, John William


No. 15

Built 1862, developer Michael Peck (who lived at 188)He also built 14,16,17 and 189&190
1855?-1885 Symonds (or Simmonds), John
1867 Winter, Charles. Commercial agent
1872 Rowell, J. Agent
1864 Clayton, George Thomas
1892 Upton, Mrs Harriet Elizabeth. Music teacher
no mention in 1910
1920-1939 Salmond, Mrs Ada
1920-1930 Johnson, Mark Tailor (moved to No. 16)
1930-1939 Johnson: Minnie & Wilfred Salmond


No. 16

built 1862, developer - Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also built 14,15,17, 189 & 190
1867 Mitchell, Jas. H. Shoemaker
1872 Woodhouse, Rev. T. Curate
1874 Benson, Mrs. Jane
1885 Brown, John A.
1892 Dawes, William Paxton, clerk/Vaccination officer at 6 posterngate
no mention in 1910
1920 Robinson, George
1930 Johnson, Mark Taylor (moved from No. 15); Robinson: Ada, Olive & Annie; Jefferson, Agnes
1939 Lazenby, Susan Janet; Hill, Joseph


No. 17

Built 1851 by Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also built14,15,16, 189 & 190
1867-1899 Byass, Mrs Elizabeth
no mention in 1910
1920 Hunter, Annie
1930 Pridgen, Harold Edmond. Drysalter
1939 Wyatt, Helen Margaret; Phillips: Alexander Gordon & Kathleen Marie


No. 18

Cleveland House c.1885
1846-1855 Witting, James (listed in 1846/1851/1855 directories with no number)
1867-1899 Witting, Mrs Ann
1874 Whiting, Miss Jane
1885 Robinson, John
1892 Witting, Mr James (son?) (Kelly's 1892 lists Witting, Mrs.)
no mention in 1910
1899 Robinson, John. Horse dealer
1920 Jordan: George Richard & Edith
1930 Riley, Alfred
1939 Jarratt: Gofton & Catherine



1910 Beath, James
1920-1930 Thewles, Bartolomew. Fish merchant
1920 Jackson, William
1939 Goforth Family: John William, Beatrice Elsie, George William & Beatrice Edna; Rushton, Edna (abode-18 Ena Street)
This house appears to retain its original unusually patterned tiled roof, which is in excellent condition


No. 20

1920-1939 Beath: James (Superintendant Engineer) & Marion Edith
This house appears to retain its original unusually patterned tiled roof which is in excellent condition



The original house no longer exists
1892 Bee, Miss Harriet
1910-1920 Stables owned by Lear, Samuel of Souttergate Hedon
1920 Gibb: Jemima Leile & Stuart Leile; Johnson, Richard
1930 1939 Gibb: Stewart Lee, Richard Johnson, Andrew Brownlaw & Minnie Leila
1939 Gibb, Albert Ernest

No. 24

The original house no longer exists.
Possibly also known as Cleveland House
1872-1874 Bores, John. (grease manufacturer)(from No 1 after 1867)
1885 Bores, Mrs.
1892 Robinson, John. Horse dealer
no mention in 1910
1920 Pederson: Alfred, Dorthea, Julius Andrew Theodore & Alfred Lawrence James
1930-1939 Storr: John William (Fish merchant) & Anne
1939 Storr, John William (jun.)

No. 25

The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war
1874-1899 Murray, Robert. Engineer - Robert Murray and Son consulting engineers and marine surveyors
no mention in 1910
1920-1939 Murray, Minnie
1920 25a: Murray, Robert; Wilson, Robert Maver
1930 Murray, Mrs Annie
1930-1939 Landless, Frank
1939 Horton, Fred
25B–1885-1899 Law, Andrew Brown
1920-1930 Andrew, Mrs Elizabeth
1920 Harper, Jesse Henry
1930-1939 Andrew: Charles Harry & Dorothy
1930-1941? Meadows, Charlie


No. 26

The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war.(The mine dropped on Bean street the night of friday 14th/Saturday 15th March 1941 caused extensive damage. Casualties included 19 killed and 22 seriously injured)

1872 Maine, W. Gentleman
1874 Butterhill, Mrs. Elden
1885-1910 Magner, Julius (or Junius). Fancy goods dealer-Magner Bros
1920 Riley: Charles, Louisa, Arthur & Sidney
1930-1939 Dowd, Mrs Annie Theodora
1939-1941? Dowd: Cecil Henry Olaf & John Gibson Oliver

No. 27

The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war
1863 we have a Stephenson John listed with no house number
1872 Stephenson, J.W. Music seller
1874 English, Marcus C.
1885 Rogers, James
1892-1930 Nutt, James and his wife Mary Jane nee Rogers, daughter of James Rogers, master block maker. Their children James Arthur and Enid Mary Nutt who married Otto Tyrholm of Aalesund, Norway.
1920 Nutt, Mary Jane
1930-1939 Nutt: Susan Mary & James Arthur (wife and husband); Coulthard, Isobel (daughter of Susan Mary Nutt by Joseph Coulthard); Rix, Dorothy, (a widow, and daughter of Susan Mary Nutt by Joseph Coulthard).
1939 Nutt, James Arthur, widower, Highways Surveyor for Hull City Corporation. (Some of this information was provided by Angela Walters, daughter of James Arthur Hassall Nutt, son of James Arthur and Susan Mary Nutt. Their daughter was Winifred Mary Nutt, married to 1st Captain Hedley Tarlington Walker, 2nd John Jones. Angela's older sister is Susan Magdalena Nutt who was born in Hull on 14th November 1948, then living at 24 Victoria Avenue.) Joseph Thwaites Coulthard was a wine and spirit merchant in Hull.

He had 4 children with Susan Mary nee Bell: John "Jack", Isobel, Dorothy and Enid Thwaites.
There were three James Nutts at 27 Coltman Street: James, French millstone maker, his son James Arthur, Highways Surveyor, and his grandson James Arthur Hassall, Sales rep, farmer, colonial civil servant.

Much of the above information about the Nutt family was provided by Angela Walters (nee Nutt), great granddaughter of the first mentioned James Nutt.

The house was destroyed beyond repair by the landmine in Bean Street in 1941. We are awaiting more information and photographs on this.

The bungalows were built in 1954 as memorial homes for retired fishermen and seamen and given by friends of Thomas Hudson JP (1884-1945) in the fishing industry of Hull and Grimsby.


No. 28

The original house no longer exists
1872-1885 Rawson, William. Clerk
1892 Holiday, William. Ship chandler
no mention in 1910
1920-1930-1941? Bush Family: Joseph. Optician (Great Grandfather of the present Bush Opticians), Clara Elizabeth, Claude Joseph (his son). Wholesale Bookseller. Joseph also had a son Herman and a daughter Diana. [relationship to Bush at 103a in 1892?]

This information was provided by Vivian Bush (Joseph's great grandson)who also mentioned that this house was bomb damaged during the war and that the family were good friends with their neighbours, the Vice family next door at No 29, who may also have sustained bomb damage. Claude's wife lived into old age and died only recently. Vivian also spoke of his father's shop on the corner of Daltry street where there was, according to family reminiscences, a butchers shop next door. The butcher was reputed to have kept a mongoose which he would put under peoples floorboards to catch rats! A useful asset in those days.

No. 29

The original house no longer exists
1872-1874 Garbutt, W.P. Builder - 1876 moved to/worked from 61 Whitefriargate?
1885-1899 Smith, Robert
1892 Smith, Mrs Harriet
1910-1939 Clark, Samuel Henry. Coke merchant
1920 Clark, Leonard Munroe
1920-1939 Clark, Miss Hilda. Costumier
1920-1930 Clark, Alice Fanny
1939 Spene, Annie; Boynton, Gladys Ada

No. 30

The original house no longer exists
1885 Gibson, Charles. Fishmonger (moved from 32 after 1872?)
1892 Fenner, Henry George. Belting merchant Fenners became a large factory employing hundreds
1899 Malcolm, Herbert
1910-1939 Hurst, Charles Alfred. Cashier (moved from 77 Boulevard)
1920-1939-1941? Hurst, Alice Gertrude

No. 31

The original house no longer exists
1885 Bristow, Robert
1892-1899 Allcott, James Henry. Surveyor H.M.Customs
1910-1920 Walker, John Williams Wilson
1920 Walker, Charlotte Maria
1930 Goacher: Alfred & Emma Dorothy; Wren, Agnes; White, Lilian
1939-1941? Parrott: James & Selina; Weaver, Andrew

No. 32

The original house no longer exists
1863-1872 Gibson, C. Gentleman (no house number in 1863, moved to no. 30 before 1885)
1885 Nelson, Peter
1892 Collier, Robert. Pawnbroker
1899 Sephton, John
no mention in 1910
1920-1930 Rowson: Martin & Charlotte
1939 Morris, Hetty Camelia; Rudge, Adeline; Wilkinson, William Henry; Musgrave, Clarice

No. 33

The original house no longer exists
1867 Marillier, Mrs. Sara
1872 Campbell, M. Flax merchant
1874-1899 Ashton (or Aston), Miss Mary (boys' school)
1892 Truman: Wm. E. (Ship owner) & William Herbert (Clerk) (or Truman, Mrs.)
1920 Bulmer: Thomas, Sydney & William
1930-1941? Beech: George Herbert (Tallyman) & Rachel; Day: John Thomas & Mary Ann; Milson: George Richard & Florence Emma; D'Andilly: Felix & Lilian

No. 34

The original house no longer exists
1863-1872 Todd, Charles Spilman. Solicitor
1874 Strachan, J.
1892-1899 Carson, Robert. Civil engineer/Ship surveyor, Minerva Chambers 3 Minerva Terrace.
1930 Hasluck, Mary Galbraith Adelaide; Downes, Frederick
1939 Myers, William; Charlton: John Henry & Enid; Dixon, Kate; Self, May Jane

No. 35

The original house no longer exists
1867-1899 Duncan, William Easten. Ship owner (Good, Floodman and Duncan)
no mention in 1910
1916 J. Taylor & Sons alter bay window
1920 Duncan, Emily
1920-1930-1941? Duncan, Miss Florence

No. 36

The original house no longer exists
1867 Franklin, Jas. Merchant
1872 Thackrah, W. Wine & spirit merchant
1874 Ashton, Miss M. School
1885 Aston, Miss Sarah Jane (girls' school)
1892-1899 Redfearn, George. Builder and undertaker(source genuki)
1910 Burton, Henry, the younger
1920 Clubley: Martha Charlotte & Arthur Donald
1930 Morrell: Percy Mont & Ethel May [related to 44/45?]


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